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Digital services

There are a lot of people with talent,
but just a few with passion

Interface design – UI

Websites / WordPress · Interfaces / Apps · Videogames · Software

I think about the best way to combine visuals with the digital world to create interactions and animations. The most trendy, current, modern and suitable digital graphic interfaces for your online product.

Art direction

Corporate identity · Logotypes · Packaging · Posters

I look for the most creative ideas, careful typography and harmony in colors to achieve the best graphic design for each project.

User experience – UX

Prototypes · Wireframing · User tests · Mockups

It is essential to understand the needs of your users or potential customers to create the best experiences for your people and product. Let’s make it fun and sexy.

Drawing and illustration

Concept art · Scenarios · Character design · Editorial illustration

I combine imagination, lines and color to create stories that illustrate your idea. The illustrated image is a very powerful tool in the world we live in.

To stay ahead of the times nowadays, we must have an online presence. The media, information, advertising, people… everything moves on the internet, we are already seeing everything through a computer, tablet or mobile screen. Where do you think you are reading this?

I help you to create your website design in WordPress or HTML & CSS with the best user experience. Your customers will find you and differentiate from the competition.

I am a digital native, as are the upcoming generations, so let’s get going and keep up-to-date. Here’s a line from the British group The Specials

Stop your messin’ around… Better think of your future”

Know how my process works and let’s make it yours

They say that the variety is the spice of life, they say there’s no accounting for taste. As each individual and client has different needs, what about starting with my work proposal and adapting it to your project?

1.º Challenge & coffee

Starting out with enthusiasm and clearly understanding the commission is fundamental for the project to be developed correctly. (Challenge definition, Focus scope, etc.)

2.º Search & research

Who is your target audience? How can we improve your concept? What differentiates you from the competition? (Trend research, Benchmarking, etc.)

3.º Concepts & ideas

Setting up and making the first sketches is the moment of madness. After selecting these, everything will have coherence and logic. (Design thinking, Brainstorming, Moodboards, Ideas filtering, etc.)

4.º Prototyping & testing

Involving real users is very important to check and confirm the results. (A / B Tests, Customer journeys, User surveys, Usability testing, Wireframes, Paper prototypes, etc.)

5.º Final artwork

We go into production when everything is clear and you feel comfortable and identify with your project. (Hi-Fi designs, device mockups, etc.)

6.º Follow-up & a toast

Once we launch the final product, we make sure everything is perfect and evaluate the results. Then we celebrate together.

Clients and companies I have worked with…

…and who are now friends. Thank you all for trusting me.

4D Pipeline
Bank Austria
Globomedia TV
HFG School
Immersive Planet
Makro supermarket
Casa de la Moneda - Spanish Mint
La sexta TV
Post Austria
Río Creative Art Center
UCM - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Weleda cosmetics
Our mission: to reach the moon successfully

Now let’s move to launch your project.

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