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ZPU Album

The art of a disc based on illustration

The rapper ZPU released his new album “Doce lunas” (Twelve Moons) and this was the graphic result. I had a lot of fun doing this project. From the beginning, we knew we wanted a CD based on illustrations, so after a few pencil sketches on paper, I started to do the drawings digitally with the computer and graphic tablet. A colorful, simple and elegant result, outside and inside.

Art direction, concept, illustrations & design

ZPU (concept)



Twelve moons, nineteen songs and four seasons

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Nature is the main player in the disc’s graphics.
ZPU’s features themselves are full of details. Looking beyond the skin.

The art in this album is heard and seen

In the booklet, the landscapes

The transition of the seasons of the year in the same landscape, between spring and summer and autumn and winter.

And as a bonus track…

The illustration process
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