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Weleda magazine

Something more than words on double pages

The goal was to talk about the cosmetics company Weleda from another point of view. In collaboration with the German-company, we created a photographic project called “People First”. We interviewed some of the employees, went to their homes, asked about their lives and had a good cup of coffee with them, because our goal was to portray the people behind Weleda and tell a different story.

Concept & design

Elena Schlosser & Melanie Thoma (concept & design) | Special thanks to Jürgen Hoffmann, Oliver Jung & the people at Weleda



A project focused on people

It was very interesting to work with my colleagues; they were true professionals. We enjoyed developing the concept and the magazine itself.

We got organized, and something that could be delicate became a simple and comfortable process. Firstly, we defined the magazine contents, set out some guidelines for interviewing people, took photos and created different scenarios. Then we moved on to the second part of the project: scribbling, sketching, composing pages… to define and choose the final layout and photos, as well as the most interesting parts of the interviews that could fit better with the topics discussed.

First sketches

Tests, markings, corrections, comings and goings, always necessary.

The final layout

A clean layout that was in line with the company philosophy. Simple, natural, organic and sustainable.

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