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Web portals of Edelvives Group

Redesign of corporate GELV websites

Edelvives (a spanish book publisher) wanted to make the leap to the digital world, and that began by adapting its corporate website to the 21st century, in addition serving numerous satellite projects. As the responsible for digital design, and in collaboration with the editorial project managers, we transfer all the printed information to the screen, in a new website that now gathers more than 1,000 books with their digital samples. Our work was to bring the users all the products through attractive and visual presentations, practical and didactic resources, new interest content sections, etc.

Art direction, user experience & visual design

Isabel Cortés & Edelvives team (content managment) | TauDesign (programming Front-end) | Barrabés (programming Back-end)

2015 – 2017

Interface – UI | User experience – UX

Grupo Edelvives | Sirabún | ¿Lo ves? | Yoyo Phonics | SPX | #somoslink | Ágape | ByME

A design and thinking change

The main challenge was to create a new responsive website, more attractive and user friendly. A space that would allow the user a more intuitive and comfortable navigation in all devices. All with a content management system that will make easier for Edelvives to edit its own website. The change was not only in the design, but also in many minds, and let themselves be advised.

A research and development process with different teams

Department requirements

Match the different departments requests, so that all have room on the website.

Requerimientos Edelvives página web

Information architecture

The first thing we did was categorize that info by sections and pages.

Edelvives arquitectura de información

Resource & time planning

Organizing the different external teams and internal staff was very important.

Calendario Edelvives

Whiteboard, sketches and wireframes

Thinking first before designing is very important, so as not to give a thousand design twists.

Visual style definition (UI)

After different explorations, I was creating a solid visual style.
Consistent in defining colors, typographies, hierarchies and most important the visual grid that defined the pages appearance.

Main pages of the Edelvives website

What I wanted with the design is that in a easy way, through a content management system, Edelvives pages could be constructed in a simple way, and at the same time visually attractive when the user interacted with them. All in an imaginary grid, modular, that could be easily configured according to the moment needs. It was determined that the most important thing in a Home site could be an eye-catching slider, and then that structure with important content.

MAIN HOME The publisher’s day to day. Your news, featured products. The company showcase.

Home De Edelvives WireframeDiseño Visual Home De Edelvives


The resources for the family page, where to find information of how to carry out activities together.

Wireframe Edelvives Rincon De La FamiliaDiseño Web Rincón De La Familia Edelvives


Each article has its own page in which are shown all its characteristics and the possibility of a direct purchase.

Edelvives Ficha De Compra De Producto WireframeLibro De Edelvives Producto Final


The main page of the literature section, where you can find all the company literary news.

Wireframe Seccion Literatura EdelvivesDiseño Literatura Infantil Y Juvenil Edelvives


The publisher’s book search engine. A catalog to search and filter the book you are looking for. By age, gender, author, etc.


The exclusive area for teachers and students. An area full of resources that will help them to prepare classes, workshops, etc.


Example of how is displayed a new in its broadest format. With images, related news, most read ones, categories, etc.


Example of how an event is shown. As book presentations, autographs, etc. And his info of how to get there, schedules and others.

I also designed the Edelvives web pet! A nice friend who explains situations and moments to the user.

Mascota Edelvives web error 404
Mascota Edelvives web error 404
Mascota Edelvives web rascándose
Mascota Edelvives web herramientas
Mascota Edelvives web cocinando
And its corresponding custom content management system

All these pages that you have seen, had to be articulated and programmed in some logical, intuitive, comfortable and practical way. So that the own company employees could build the web. For this, a custom CMS (Content Management System) was created, where you could build the pages layout, upload books, edit news, etc.


For the general grid configuration we planned the CMS, which was in line with what we were going to see in the front.


For the Edelvives employees to upload the files in the resources section, we created a help page with a customized guide.

Next to the corporate website we also launched satellite microsites projects

In parallel to the web “elephant”, due to campaign needs, we created promotional hause microsites of the educational projects.

And of course always responsive! These websites adapts to the device width, so that the content is always displayed in the best way.

The design of these satellite projects, are also designed from this famous grid / modular structure, this time ad hoc for promotional content, such as videos, downloadable files, contact information, etc! A common structure to all but with a visual identity of each project.

This is how we created microsites in record time:

#somoslink For a new generation of Primary and Secondary Education, with the fun and rogue illustrations that we worked with Kukuxumusu®.

Sirabún The book publisher’s child star project.

¿Lo ves? The Edelvives project for children.

Ágape The religious project for different educational stages.

Fly free Edelvives webs… fly free…

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