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Weather App for Smart TV

Find out the weather forecast in the most attractive way

One of Telefónica’s native applications for its Smart TV was “The weather”, an app that provides information on the weather forecast. We wanted to give it a realistic-looking feel with a relatively unadorned interface, but playing with transparencies, so that the information was presented in a clear and simple way at all times.

Design & concept

David Muñoz (design & concept) | Telefónica Development Dep. (programming)


Interface – UI | User experience – UX

The weather forecast on your Smart TV

In this platform, the weather view can be selected according to days or times.

Shown below is the process of selecting another city, with some examples of pop-ups and keypads.

A look and feel based on temperature

One of the coolest things in this app was that the backgrounds changed according to the temperature.
This gave the design a very appropriate feel for the occasion.
It was as if you were watching the landscape through your TV.

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