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Twitter App for Smart TV

140-character messages on TV

Our team at Telefónica adapted Twitter for its own Smart TV platform. The goal was to create and redesign this social network and it bring to TV. Just having a single remote control to access all the features that Twitter offered on the computer meant we had many usability limitations to deal with. We wanted to create a more attractive app than the web and mobile versions available at that time.

Design, concept & user experience

David Muñoz (design, concept & UX) | Raúl Varela (concept & design) | Rafael Riñón (design)


Interface – UI | User experience – UX

Twitter on Smart TV

My proposal was risky as I was looking for something different for television than the design of the mobile and web versions back then. This was a “playful” experience that was distinguished by a new approach, respecting the social network’s identity. Now we had something fun to catch the attention.



To enter your profile, we created a very comfortable and logical screen from which you could create your account or access it if you already had a username.
It was a comfortable and fun way to enter the platform, with a simple and eye-catching design.

Exclusive pop-ups

We thought up a whole host of feel-good messages to users: loading screens, options, errors, etc., as well as the keypad to write the tweets.

Timeline, trending topics, followers, hashtags…

Everything that this social network could offer had already reached your TV. Users, retweets, favorites, etc.

Wireframes & research

We worked as a team. We made project sketches, created scenarios with real people, thought about the best interactions and tested them, and documented the whole process.
In the following images, you will see a sample of what we designed, from the sketches to the definitive visual designs.

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