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Post Stamp Builder web-app

Create your own stamp & sheet of stamps

Post, the Austrian postal service, wanted to create and improve its shopping service with a digital online store that would allow users to design their own sheets of stamps and then buy them. I had to stick to the existing brand corporate identity to achieve unity in the design. The result was a very intuitive and useful tool.

Art direction, concept & design

Christof Hofstaetter & Susanne Palmetzhofer (project managers) | Marcin Gil & Milan Orszak (programming)


Interface – UI | User experience – UX

Post Austria

Customizing your stamp was available to all users, and from home

From the beginning, we wanted a simple process that was very easy to follow.
To do this, we first developed wireframes that explained the process. Here are some examples.

Upload your image

The first thing you could do in the digital product was choose the photo you wanted on your stamp. You could upload the image through your computer or choose an image published on your Facebook profile.

Customize your stamp

With the image now loaded, a menu with different options to customize your stamp appeared at the top. You could change the image, zoom in, rotate it, change the text, frame your photo, change the color, etc.

Select your image

Then you selected the method with which to upload the image. A screen appeared with an internal scroll, showing all the existing images in the chosen folder from your computer or Facebook.

Additional information

With the purchase process and personalization of the sheet, we obviously needed additional messages to inform the user of each process that they were on. This confirmation pop-up was proof of this.

And the final visuals

This is a real example of what it looks like.
The process of uploading an image until you have your complete sheet of stamps.

The details are in the pixels

Each line, each shadow, each position of each element is carefully designed.

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