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National stamps

Sending letters with your own stamps rocks ; )

During my time at the Spanish National Mint and Stamp Factory (where national security documents, money, etc. are made in Spain), I had the opportunity to participate in interesting projects such lottery tickets, coins, banknotes, security documents and stamps, something I found very exciting. Here are some examples of these stamps.

Design & illustrations

The Charles Darwin stamp and the whole character series were made with the FNMT Design and Engraving team.



(Spanish Mint – FNMT)


Stamp series

We were awarded with the best stamp in the European Union in 2009, thanks to the Charles Darwin stamp (a stamp that I personally drew) ; )
The entire series was produced as a team with the FNMT Prepress and Engraving department. A perfect job.

Civic values

Stamp series

An initiative to remember and raise awareness about the values that every citizen should consider in their daily life: looking after the planet, not polluting the environment or reconciling work and family life. In this series I would highlight the combination of illustration with graphic design.

Road safety

Single stamp and stamp sleeve

The first sketches that were made for this stamp were rejected for being perhaps too “soft”.
Then I thought about taking a bit of a risk so I created this proposal that was finally chosen and went to market.

Centenary of the first powered flight in Spain

Single stamp

In this case, Correos wanted to illustrate the centenary of the first powered flight in Spain with a photo of the plane in question.
The beauty of this stamp is also in the background. If you have a sheet of these stamps you will see that the clouds are repeated.

Natural heritage

Single stamp

The Natural Heritage of the Principality of Andorra was the theme of this stamp.
At the beginning, the plan was to issue two stamps, one with the “Perafita” tree motif and the other with daffodil flowers.
Eventually only one was issued, which is the one shown in the picture above, with flowers.
And those below are other sketches of the same stamp that were not chosen.

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