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Mido cup

A simple and elegant cup

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, requires special treatment. Hence my goal: to rethink the way we drink tea or coffee in the morning. I thought… what about a single cup for both options? So I took pencil and paper, thought it over, and in the end I put on my MasterChef apron and made a small handmade run in ceramic. In the creation process I used mathematics, geometric shapes and proportions. Everything fitted. Without a doubt an unforgettable project!

Art direction, concept & design

Thanks to Volkmar Meyer. An incredible ceramicist and craftsman with whom I turned the project into reality




Complex to make, attractive to the eye

The design is based primarily on the proportions of a circle. Radius, diameter, semi-circle, etc. Drink your tea and coffee with style.

A handcrafted process

The idea came to life inside a pottery workshop. These were the steps:

1. Sketch, design and measurements.
2. Plastic molding.
3. Positive mold in plaster.
4. Negative mold in plaster.
5. Filling negative mold with ceramic.
6. Drying and polishing.
7. Color application.
8. Kiln firing.

The final result.
A pretty and practical cup, don’t you think?
A good design for any occasion

Would you like to have your own set of cups? It’s possible! Write me an e-mail and it’s all yours.
And if you feel like partnering me to produce them industrially, I also look forward to talking to you.

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