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JRS infographics

Information based on numbers

This time the goal was to design a poster that would show the client’s different spheres, and their latest activities and results. A report in mural format, printed on both sides, foldable, and with everything done in record time. I decided to turn all the data into simple elements as much as possible. I managed to translate and reflect all the information, through infographics, colors and simple text compositions.

Art direction, concept & design



Charts and ordered data

which help visualize large amounts of information.


showing data percentages.


to show the most relevant.

Three colors

that communicate everything.


that represent ideas or concepts.

Typographic styles

that differentiate levels of information.

Blocks of text

carefully designed for harmony.

The result

A big event deserves a great poster. There was a large print run. We could not get anything wrong. In the end, everyone enjoyed it and they were very happy.

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