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Bilm Necklaces

“because I love myself”

There are accessories that enhance a woman’s beauty. Necklaces are one of them, as they are in a position close to the eyes and usually in a space with bare skin, which attracts the attention. Throughout my career I have done various designs for many different things, and have always liked the little details in people. So I started to design necklaces, earrings and rings too, why not? Here I show a selection of pendants, with packaging that I also produced.

Art direction, concept & design

2011 – 2017



Logotype Bilm heartbeat - Logotipo Bilm latido de corazón

Handmade necklaces

The collection is based on pieces with geometric shapes, very simple and minimalist, created in enameled ceramic in white with details in intense red. Bilm is a play on words. An acronym for the phrase “because I love myself”. There is always time for you, there is always time for a whim.

Bilm necklace design 1 - Diseño de collar Bilm 1
Pendant design 5 - Diseño de colgante 5
Necklace design 2 - Diseño de collar 2
Pendant design 6 - Diseño de colgante 6
Bilm necklace design 3 - Diseño de collar Bilm 3
Necklace design 7 - Diseño de collar 7
Bilm necklace design 4 - Diseño de collar Bilm 4
Pendant design 8 - Diseño de colgante 8

Everything starts with an idea, a sketch, a drawing. With a hunch ; )

Bilm necklaces sketches 1 - Bocetos de collares Bilm 1
Bilm necklaces sketches 3 - Bocetos de collares Bilm 3
Bilm necklaces sketches 2 - Bocetos de collares Bilm 2

Unique packaging for a ceramic jewel

A box according to the product, that protects and presents. Simple, classy and elegant.
The logo represents a heart, a visual synonym of passion, love, affection, etc.

Packaging necklaces mockup 1 - Maqueta de empaquetado de collares 1
Packaging necklaces mockup 3 - Maqueta de empaquetado de collares 3
Packaging necklaces mockup 2 - Maqueta de empaquetado de collares 2
Enjoy a pendant for every moment

Combine it with any dress, shirt, shirt, jacket or suit. Looks great and always feels comfortable.

Necklace mockup 1 - Ejemplo de collar 1
Necklace mockup 3 - Ejemplo de collar 3
Necklace mockup 2 - Ejemplo de collar 2
Necklace mockup 4 - Ejemplo de collar 4
Do you want a necklace?

Write me an e-mail and I’ll get in touch to arrange to get it to you.
If you want I can also design a piece that suits you, with your preferred colors, adapting it to my style.

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