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Bank Austria Kinect

A gamified experience for a bank

In the heart of Vienna are the Bank Austria headquarters, where we implemented our project: a screen with information from the bank itself that could be controlled by a Kinect device. As a team, we developed the concept, usability and design.

Art direction, design, concept & user experience

Josef Froschauer (concept & UX) | Markus Schneeberger (project manager) | Bank Austria (programming)


Interface – UI | User experience – UX

Bank Austria

The Kinect brings the

bank closer to its clients

Based on the client’s requests, we delivered

initial sketches & wireframes

The basic idea was to present certain bank products through a simple navigation system for the user.
We showed information about the bank, as well its promotions, offers or samples of houses or cars for sale.

A good interface design

Project step by step:
1. Specifications and corporate guide / 2. Wireframing / 3. Prototyping and testing / 4. Design and programming.

A simple navigation structure and surprised customers interacting with the screen.

The first screen showed how you should interact with the Kinect, and then showed the different options to explore.

I wanted this screen to be eye-catching, hence the red color and large sizes of the elements.

As soon as you selected the category you wanted to see, you passed to a horizontal slide of those products.

The navigation controls were very simple: left, right and back.

We also added a QR code in each section so that people could scan it with their smartphone and get the same information on their mobile phone.

The interface had different backgrounds of the city of Vienna that changed from time to time.

I wanted to maintain a connection between the design, the place and the people.

And as part of the gamification, we added a small game consisting of stopping the ball with the hand.

In this way, the user also became familiar with the use of the controls and the Kinect.

At the end of the mini game, the current Champions League results were shown.

And all of this in the center of Vienna
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