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Bank Austria ATM interface

New screen designs for their cashiers

The Bank of Austria wanted to update the design of their cash machines screens. The brand style guides and the functionalities were given to me to redesign the new interface. This new experience was implemented on Bank Austria’s ATMs, member of UniCredit, which are in more than 15 European countries, such Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, etc. If you ever get money in that bank … think that I had something to do with ; )

Art direction, concept & design

Markus Schneeberger & Christof Hofstaetter (project managers)


Interface – UI

Bank Austria

ATM device structure - Estructura del dispositivo del cajero automático

Take out money and put it with a newer, cleaner and more elegant interface

Based on the corporate guidelines indicated by the bank, I started designing different elements and their corresponding screens. They wanted to change the look & feel but preserving the functionalities, as well as some elements such fonts, colors, etc. All this, besides maintaining the same programming system that was being used to show the ATM screens in old browsers. A limitation turned into a challenge.

What was before, was somehow confusing in terms of relevance or importance levels. So I emphasized and differentiated elements with the limited resources I had. One of the elements that I changed was the background, separating it from other sections or buttons that the user had to interact within the same screen.

Corporate UI elements

New design for elements such buttons, backgrounds, alert messages, pop-ups, progress bars, etc. based on the bank’s corporate style guide.

ATM Bank Austria user interface - Interfaz de usuario del cajero del Banco de Austria

Complementary 3D animations

We also made some new explanatory animations that accompanied the screens and processes.

3D Animation for an ATM 1 - Animación 3D para un cajero 1
3D Animation for an ATM 2 - Animación 3D para un cajero 2
3D Animation for an ATM 3 - Animación 3D para un cajero 3
3D Animation for an ATM 4 - Animación 3D para un cajero 4
ATM photo 1 - Foto 1 del cajero
ATM photo 2 - Foto 2 del cajero
ATM photo 3 - Foto 3 del cajero
ATM photo 4 - Foto 4 del cajero

A walk through the sections that a user finds when managing his money

ATM interface select - Interfaz del cajero de selección

Quick selection of initial options.

ATM interface info - Interfaz del cajero informativa

Basic account information with an advertising banner.

ATM interface cash recycler - Interfaz del cajero automático

Banknotes extraction and insertion in the cashier.

ATM interface mobile operator - Interfaz del cajero de selección operador móvil

Recharging phone cards selection screen

ATM interface PIN - Interfaz del cajero con PIN

Enter the PIN or the amount of money to take out.

ATM interface quick money - Interfaz del cajero para dinero rápido

Quick extraction of pre-established money amounts.

ATM interface currency - Interfaz del cajero del valor de la moneda

Currency exchange and value information.

ATM interface language - Interfaz del cajero de selección de idioma

Interface language selection screen.

A redesign to achieve a functional and aesthetic interface improvement

I have to say that getting cash in your own design is cool.

ATM structure & screen - Estructura y pantalla del cajero
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