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A nach b web map

A map with an online search engine

The team at A nach B (which in English means “A to B”) wanted to give a new look to its website search engine. They wanted to keep the corporate colors, functionalities and sizes, so the redesign was a balance between needs, desires and commitments.

Art direction, concept & design

Markus Schneeberger (project manager) | A nach B team (programming)


Interface – UI | User experience – UX

A nach B


A new clean and intuitive website design

Here is a comparison between the previous version and my improved design (I hope…).

Improved map and interface

A new design that is clean, organized and lighter. A site designed to display the information in a direct and clear way.

A good clean-up

The color white is now predominant and there is more clarity when interacting with the steps.
Now it is easier to find a street, or find out how long it takes to get to a certain point. webpage 1 - Página web de 1 webpage 1 - Página web de 1
Anachb webpage 2 - Página web de Anachb 2
Anachb webpage 3 - Página web de Anachb 3
Anachb webpage 4 - Página web de Anachb 4 webpage 5 - Página web de 5

The website:

And I’ve also made a new icon set

Ah! And here is the new range of icons that I produced. Now the most common means of transport and points of interest are shown on the map, always taking care of the style of the new visual identity.

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