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In life you’ve gotta like what you do

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A lot of ideas come from drawing

I’ve always liked illustration and it’s something deep inside me. My roots have been in line and drawing, and starting with these, I have incorporated other techniques such as watercolors, acrylics, oils and sprays. Mixing different techniques and materials has always fascinated me. This can even be seen in my digital illustrations made by computer.

I like to play around with and explore the different resources offered by new technologies, whether for children’s illustration, editorial or for videogames. I believe that if Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci were around today, they would without any doubt use a graphic tablet, 3D printer and computer to do their works.

If you want me to do a drawing for you, you just have to ask me. I have also exhibited my work in different exhibition halls, museums and art galleries, both in Spain and in Europe. And I have received more than 25 painting, drawing, design and photography awards.

Here are some of the prizes I’m most proud of:

First prize “Second edition Il·lustraFuturs Illustration Awards”.


If you like my illustrations I have some prints for sale. Check them out!

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