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Andrés Rigo

who I am and what is rigostudios

Quality, creativity and simplicity in design

Or that’s what my mother tells me! All these premises, along with the fun and passion that I put into everything, define the way I work. If you want a modern, fresh and attractive design, here you have it, and with style too.

This is why Rigostudios was born

My small creative studio based in Madrid. With myself being a freelance web designer specializing in the digital and graphic world. And I have to thank all the people, teams, companies and clients whom I work and collaborate with in Spain, Germany, London, Austria and the United States.

Andrés Rigo is Rigostudios, Rigostudios is for the minority.

Andrés Rigo callygraphy

More about my background

I was born in Madrid, a few hundred miles from Superman. He got Super Strength, and I got a pencil…

Fine Arts degree, specializing in Design. Complutense University of Madrid ( Like my whole family.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Design and Applied Arts. Royal Spanish Mint Foundation ( The art of stamping.

Print & graphic designer. Spanish Mint and Stamp Factory ( Where coins, bills, passports, etc. are made in Spain.

•  Digital designer, specializing in interfaces. Telefónica R&D ( Pixels and a lot of testing.

Specialization in Interface Design. Hochschule für Gestaltung – Germany ( One of the best places I’ve ever been.

Co-founder & designer. Río Creative Art Center ( A school with plenty of art.

Art Director. Digital Agency OVOS – Vienna ( Cold, bikes and pretty landscapes.

Manager of the web design department. Edelvives ( Back to the warm weather and eating tortilla.

Art Director and design. Rigostudios (this website). I like being at home and enjoying life.

Read more in my online profile

And, as a bonus track, my datasheet ; )

I enjoy developing in HTML and CSS, basically the “front-end”. It’s like discovering fire for the first time, every time.

I like reading, researching and writing about the UX world.

One dream I have is to design the navigation interface of a space machine

Favorite food: My mother’s savory Mallorcan pie (empanada).

Favorite movie: Spirited Away (one of them).

Favorite song: Black or White, by Michael Jackson.

Favorite comic character: Judge Dredd.

Favorite videogame: Flashback (1992).

Recommended App: Wunderlist (To make lists and get a bit organized).

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